The Loft


The Loft is the perfect space for our bike fit service that combines the latest thinking and process from BikeFit and
A good position on the bike improves comfort and increases efficiency and performance.
We offer a complimentary fit with every bike we sell.
The Loft will be used throughout the year for special events and workshops.
Is there something in the cycling world you’d like some help with?
Please get in touch and let us know



The Loft
Our new bike showroom and bike fit studio
(by appointment).
We’ve created a cycling oasis to showcase selected bikes and components away from the main shop floor.
A place to view some of the very best new kit, new bikes and new components.
A place to discuss in detail every element of a new bike or custom build.
A place that makes the bike, the most important one,
the one you always promised yourself, become a reality.


1 Templar Mews, Blackjack Street, Cirencester

(By appointment only, please contact us via the shop)