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The Adventure Biking Phenomenon 


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Is adventure riding the ‘new’ mountain biking?

Growing participation in adventure biking has brought a renewed focus on self-supported cycling in more remote parts of the UK. In many ways, this new trend is reminiscent of the early days of mountain biking.

In days of yore, we would head out on rigid steel bikes, down unprepared trails and byways, taking with us a sense of excitement about what the day’s riding would bring. Cyclists were expected to be armed with the necessary knowledge and equipment to be able to support themselves, carry out any maintenance (or at least have the know-how to put together a trail side lash-up), and navigate their way – without the luxury of the GPS options we have today.

The increase in trail centre riding – excellent though it may be – means many off-road riders no longer experience the same sense of pure adventure as before. As a result, riders are pushing the boundaries, taking their bikes to more far-flung destinations in a bid to recreate the buzz and excitement that got them into mountain biking in the first place. This is what’s driving the growing movement around adventure biking – and it’s only going to get bigger!

Product variety

Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of products now available to help adventure riders reach these greater heights – with performance optimisation and safety to the fore. Bikes such as the carbon Genesis Datum, the aluminium Lapierre Crosshill and the titanium Lynskey Cooper CX are the perfect choice for adventuring. 


Strong, durable and stable, they include all the required space and fittings. Frames also come with mudguard mounts, which radically improve the quality of cycling life in the changeable British climate.

Soft luggage from Blackburn and Miss Grape allow bikes to be loaded with all the kit needed to make any adventure riding trip a success. With the ongoing improvements in light weight camping, riders can now carry pretty much everything in an efficient and comfortable way. Otherwise, just pack the essentials, book a few B&Bs and take the debit card with you!

As styles of bikes and riding disciplines become ever more tightly defined, the modern adventure bike is now the multi-functional bicycle that the mountain bike used to be.

The United Kingdom may not contain the endless miles of unsealed roads found in North America, but the all-rounder adventure bike makes good sense in our small island because it is adaptable to almost all riding conditions. The bikes are efficient, both on and off the road, capable of exploring the byways and green lanes. Perfect for touring but great fun for those adventure seekers wanting to head off road. Try taking one to a trail centre; you might be surprised how much fun you can have.


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